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365 more spins by Joey Salomone


around this sun that brightens just like you are laughing at another year with you and i so let’s fill a junk drawer together soy sauce and hot sauce packets with clever phrases and a screwdriver that just wasn’t big enough to make it to the tool box so let’s walk wine drunk around the small town of Herman and look into windows at antique women and old stuff boy, now you’re ready for a bubble bath but if i slip under the water and can’t breathe because of soap and shame i expect you to either revive me or pull the plug don’t make me spin the sun again on machines.


Joey Salomone was born and raised in the Midwest. Being homeschooled, Joey grew up spending much of his time reading and writing. He started writing poetry during his teenage years and continued throughout college and into adulthood. He made independent films for several years and worked various jobs, including the service industry, sales, as a high school English teacher, and as a paramedic. He currently lives in Kansas City, MO, and works as a nurse. He continues to read and write poetry daily.

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