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Dating Advice for the Best Friend You’re Secretly in Love With by Otito Greg-Obi

Tell her it’s not a good idea to cancel her date.

Crush two black dahlias in your fists.

Mix with rosehip oil and lavender.

Smear onto her eyelids and cheekbones.

Pour the red wine into her glass. Repeat.

Usher her gently but firmly off your doorstep

into someone else’s arms.

Leave the red bulbed porch light on.

Pop kernels on the stove for when she returns,

dust with a thin layer of dried sage and thyme and

pink Himalayan salt and crushed peppercorn

like she does for you on gin-rinsed nights.

Remind her to take her makeup off

and put her bonnet on.

If she asks you whether she will ever feel

the way she felt about her ex with anyone else,

Tell her the short answer is:



Otito Greg-Obi is a writer who grew up in Maryland/ D.C. Her work can be found in Small Poems for the Masses, Unpopcultr, and The Vibe Room. She’s also a Producing Associate at Minnie Productions. When she’s not writing or working on film projects, she’s pressing flowers in books and tending to her succulents.

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