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Don't Hold Your Breath by Konner Sauve

Catch my eye again

Misery and hope

lumped together

I swore I’d curse

your presence,

but sprinkles

fall softly on

this barren ground

The throbs of my soul

shake the earth

as misery cracks

the land.

The rays of your sun

reach out to me

wrapping me in warmth

and unfreezing my limbs

I close my eyes

basking in the

rain drops, which

sizzle on my skin

I am caught up

once again,

but I am not trapped

the escape hatch

is open, I smile

let hope drench me

and feel the sting

of your rays

you are breathtaking

and beautiful

and so far out of my reach.


Konner Sauve grew up in the small hop town of Moxee, Washington, and eventually found his way to the Monterey Bay Area as an English teacher. When he's not teaching, spending time with family or friends, or fulfilling his uncle duties, you can usually find him walking the shores of the Monterey Bay coast and exploring the San Francisco Bay. More often than not, he will have a coffee or tea in hand.

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