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virgo under a new moon by Carina Stopenski


]you wrote your suicide note on a tarot card

and cut your wrists with crystals

when you forgot to set

your affirmation

your world is


i promised that i’d kiss your circles

when our love became cancer

i will bathe you in moonwater

and fill your lungs with pebbles

it is your obsession to be clean—

but my brown palms will stain

your virgin skin

your mouth will leak silver and

i will lick it with the waning sun

i will call you lunar and sleep in your crescent

you are

half woman

half planet

full of holes

and beautiful


Carina Stopenski is a queer writer, librarian, and teacher based out of Pittsburgh, PA. They hold a BFA in Creative Writing and a Master of Library Science, and are currently in pursuit of a Master of Arts in Literary and Cultural Studies. Their work has been featured in or is forthcoming in Beyond Queer Words, 1932 Quarterly, and Pennsylvania’s Best Emerging Poets, among others. Their work focuses on embodiment, queer longing, ecofeminism, and transhumanist perspectives.

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