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We Were Never Sweet Together by Hannah Maiorano

I remember the yellow afternoon

we spent sprawled in the backfield

of our old elementary school

Your head anointed

with a crown of honeysuckle

sweet succour, sucking from open mouths

broken stems like cracked bones

We would place our lips

around their bodies as if they were our own

and gorge on their honied embrace

when we had nothing sweet between us

The white and purple heads

dance in the wind

among the green grass and open sky

as their dying brothers

litter the ground around us


Hannah Maiorano holds an MA in Medieval History from Aberystwyth University and currently works as a copywriter in Toronto. Her work has previously been published in Snapdragon: A Journal of Art and Healing, The Closed Eye Open, Wingless Dreamer, and more. When she isn’t writing, she loves to paint, visit museums, and hang out with her cat, Ellie.

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