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Always the Roses II by Durell Carter


Violets would be roses

If we found value in the

Hues that remind us of


And the soil that gives birth

To pomegranates,

And the tropical fruit

That the farmers of consciousness

Forget to water.

Someday, when my son is old enough

To know good and evil

Is not equated with

Light and dark,

But the way we manipulate the two,

I’ll pluck a Hellebore

And tell him to keep it

In the translucent vase my grandfather

Passed down to me.

I want the silent audience

To see how beautiful Black is

When given the opportunity

To feel the effulgence

That time has kept from them.


Durell Carter is a teacher and a writer based out of Oklahoma. He recently graduated with a graduate degree from the University of Central Oklahoma. He has published work in Petrichor journal, From Whispers to Roars, Prometheus Dreaming, and other publications.

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