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Tide Moon by Harriet Stone

A gentle weight in my bones

thick and slow like honey

an ache softly tenderizing my body

this is the knowing

the careful, familiar feeling of


I’m at once

soft herbs seeking patches of sunlight

and heavy stone

Carved from the wombs of my ancestors.


who stood like me

one step in front of the other.

Rhythmic heartbeat felt in the ribs

beneath the ripe hanging fullness of my breast.

I am a tree in summer

pulsing sugar and ripening with the sun

released by a tide Moon’s practiced track

across the dark night sky.

Wells of wild intuition plunging forth

as I breathe.


Harriet Stone is a Canadian storyteller and poet currently completing her first collection of writing. Her work is inspired by hidden wild places and the untamed landscape of her home. Harriet is honored to have her first poem published with Silver Rose Magazine. You can find more of Harriet’s work on Instagram @sincerelyharriet.

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